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WARNING: This is a limited time offer for the Associate-O-Matic crowd and may be withdrawn without notice.

This is the POWER of Amazon and eBay

You choose from over 400 ready made stores and launch your own in MINUTES!

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With testimonials this good, we don’t need to say anymore.

So what exactly is this new Amazon and eBay store builder all about?

Over 8 years ago we created and launched a revolutionary product called Fresh Store Builder.

Since then we had over 20,000 members, just like you, and countless success stories.

But… times changed and we needed to move on.

We listened to everything you had to tell us. The things you loved, the things you didn’t. The features you enjoyed the most, and the features you’d love to have.

We collected all that feedback, we listened and we implemented. The result is Fresh Store Instant.

Here’s the new benefits you get with Fresh Store Instant:

Cutting Edge Features

Launch in Minutes

Stop struggling to find a high performing niche and the right products. Simply choose from over 300 ready made 10 Second Stores.

Make it Your Own

Don’t fall into the trap of making cookie cutter websites that don’t perform. Choose from many templates and skins to make your store stand out.

Save Time and Energy

Don’t waste time with complicated installs and setup. Get your stores ready to take orders in minutes and with no technical knowledge required.

Modern and Professional

Be the first to use our high converting and modern design Fresh Profit Pro template. Get a head start with your new stores!

Squeeze Your Traffic

Over 50% of your traffic is on mobile. Your stores are now completely mobile ready (on EVERY template) so you never miss a sale again.

Effortless Setup

Keep forgetting your password? Don’t know where to login? Now you have a single login for EVERYTHING meaning you can launch more stores.

What kind of stores can you choose from? Here is a small sample:



Dog Supplies

Playstation 4

RV Accessories

Star Wars

BMX Bikes & Parts

Beer Brewing

Portable Hot Tubs


Quadcopter Drones

Standing Desks

Exotic Pets

Kitchen Organization





Action Cameras

Home Automation



Smoking Cessation

Big Screen TVs


AirSoft & Paintball

Outdoor Power Tools

Belly Dancing

Food Smokers

Espresso Machines



Model Trains


Gluten Free Living

3D Puzzles

Paleo & Crossfit

Novelty Lighting

Bathroom Fixtures

And Many More…

Don’t forget – you can also build your own store in ANY niche from scratch!

Tech Minded? Let’s look under the hood…

If you’re a tech head then this section is for you. We’ve redeveloped and tuned up our engines to make this platform the turbo powered solution your Amazon stores need.

These improvements make Fresh Store Instant even more effective, fast, safe and secure:

  • Completely web based; no need to install anything on your computer
  • Bespoke, secure and lightning fast 100% managed hosting platform
  • Optimised servers for running faster and more reliable stores
  • Instant single click store installs
  • Instant single click store upgrades
  • Full system monitoring and alerts to ensure your stores are always up
  • Easy deployment of new features

And what about the future?

A massive part of our ongoing commitment to you, our members, is to keep developing the the platform to bring the newest and freshest features.. just like we have done for the last 7 years.

The new platform enables us to add new features much more quickly than before, and our development roadmap includes exciting enhancements such as:

  • eBay integration (COMPLETED in July 2018!)
  • Drop shipping
  • Full eCommerce options
  • Even more templates
  • MUCH more

We listen to our members and implement the new features YOU want.

Choose Your Package Below, Launch YOUR First Store Today
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About Your “Double Up” Offer

For a limited time only, you are getting twice as many stores for the same price.. meaning the price of each store is slashed in half.

This offer won’t be around forever and could be withdrawn at any time. I strongly recommend you lock in this discount now so you can benefit for life.

Choose your package below and launch your first stores today.

$794Now only $397!
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  • 200 Stores 400 Stores
  • All Fresh Store Features
  • Choose from 400+ "10 Second Stores"
  • Free Vanity Domains
  • Fast & Secure Hosting
  • Private Forum
  • Mastermind Facebook Group
  • Video Tutorials
  • Guides & Training
  • 30 Day "Risk Free" Refunds
  • Easy Cancellation
  • Only $1.99/store $0.99/store
Most Popular
$194Now only $97!
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  • 25 Stores 50 Stores
  • All Fresh Store Features
  • Choose from 400+ "10 Second Stores"
  • Free Vanity Domains
  • Fast & Secure Hosting
  • Private Forum
  • Mastermind Facebook Group
  • Video Tutorials
  • Guides & Training
  • 30 Day "Risk Free" Refunds
  • Easy Cancellation
  • Only $3.88/store $1.94/store
$74Now only $37!
  • Act now to lock in this offer for life!
  • 5 Stores 10 Stores
  • All Fresh Store Features
  • Choose from 400+ "10 Second Stores"
  • Free Vanity Domains
  • Fast & Secure Hosting
  • Private Forum
  • Mastermind Facebook Group
  • Video Tutorials
  • Guides & Training
  • 30 Day "Risk Free" Refunds
  • Easy Cancellation
  • Only $7.40/store $3.70/store


“Within 60 minutes my store was online. Within 48 hours I started getting my first orders.”

- Glen Rushing, member since January 2016

This is a limited time offer and will be withdrawn at short notice.

If you do miss out, don’t panic. We will be opening up again soon at the full advertised price.

However, if you want to get double the number of stores for your money (and the buy button is still working on this page) don’t hesitate. We want to be as fair as possible to everyone, so the ones who act quickly get the benefits!

When this offer has expired our next phase is launching to the public.


As you can imagine, we’ve been extensively testing the new versions and also had a sample of our members take a full version of the new platform for a spin. Here is what they had to say about Fresh Store Instant:


“I recommend Fresh Store Instant to anyone who wants to be an Amazon affiliate.”

Helen Mortensen -

“I’m now building out my first one and can’t believe how simple this really is. Great work Carey and Team!!!!”

Daniel Gonzales -

“I absolutely love this! Super nicely done @carey !!!! As promised, within seconds my Flavors Of Wine store is ready!

This is the most awesome store builder yet! Love It!”

Dave Hobley -

“Fantastic and very quick!”

Mary Isaac -

“I am stunned at what I can see others achieving and this is going to really fly for us I think… Awesome!”

Michael Magee -

These are taken from an early access group of Fresh Store Builder members just like you. Join them and get your name added to this list!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Associate-O-Matic still in development?

Fresh Store Instant takes Amazon Stores to the next level with modern technologies, better design and more features. We are no longer developing Associate-O-Matic.

For more information, please see the video at the top of this page.

Are you still supporting Associate-O-Matic?

For existing, paid Associate-O-Matic we are providing support for the short term. This will be withdrawn fully and an exact date will be set shortly.

Do you have any example Fresh Stores?

Yes, take a look at our demo stores here – – you can see a sample of the designs, templates and skins you can use.

How and When Do I Get Paid?

You can choose to receive either a Cheque, a Bank Transfer payment direct from Amazon or Amazon gift certificates.

Amazon send payments automatically every month.

Does Fresh Store Instant comply with the Amazon Associates Terms of Service?

Yes, Fresh Store Instant complies to the Amazon Associates Terms of Service. Each time Amazon updates its terms of service we ensure that our software remains compliant.

Can I use Fresh Store Instant with any Amazon locale (country)?

You can use Fresh Store Instant on any of the following Amazon locales.

Can I add other affiliate products to my Fresh Store Instant store?

As long as the product is listed on Amazon you can use custom URLs to direct the user to any website, including other affiliate sites. The product must be listed on Amazon in order for it to be initially listed.

Do I need to pay for stock of the products in my store?

No. You do not have to pay for or hold any stock. All purchases are made directly through Amazon.

How many products can I add to my store?

You can add as many as you want but we recommend starting with less than 50. We provide full training and recommendations on how to start your store in the members area.

Is Fresh Store Instant Search Engine Friendly?

We have built Fresh Store Instant from the ground up with search engines in mind and as such is 100% Search Engine Friendly with automatic SEO features.

Additionally we provide multiple ways to add unique content to your website, which is beneficial to high rankings in search engines. We recommend starting your store with a minimum of 5 pages of unique content (e.g. the homepage, 2 categories and 2 article/content pages) and to continue adding content regularly.

Do I need to pay to join the Amazon Associates program?

No – joining the Amazon associate program is free.

Is Fresh Store Instant a WordPress plugin or theme?

No, Fresh Store Instant is built from the ground up to be an Amazon store builder and does not require WordPress. It can be installed alongside a WordPress installation and you can integrate your stores with a WordPress blog using our separate plugin.

Can I add my own products to my Fresh Store Instant store?

You can add your own products to your Fresh Store Instant store as long as they are listed on the Amazon locale you have selected. You can not, however, use Fresh Store Instant as a full eCommerce solution – the user will be redirected to Amazon to complete the purchase.

Do I need to deal with customers, orders, returns etc.?

No. Once the user clicks checkout they are directed to Amazon to finalize their order. Any communications from here on in should be directed to Amazon.

Do you offer a refund policy?

We know your are going to love Fresh Store Instant – Simply email us to request a refund within 14 days of your first payment and we will send your money back no questions asked. See here for full refund terms and exceptions.

Is Fresh Store Instant here to stay?

Fresh Store Builder was established as a solution available only to a select few customers in 2007. In 2010 we became publicly available and have been growing and improving ever since.

We are a close team who are committed to continuing the development of Fresh Store Instant and we are proud to say we will be continuing this project for many, many years to come.